Kutsujoku 2 屈辱 2 ep2

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女性を辱めて楽しみたいという強烈な欲求を持つ舘岡雄吾は、かつて「人体掌握能力」という超能力を用いて数々の淫行を働いてきた外道であった。 本来の自分を取り戻した雄吾は、今再び己の欲望を満たすために動き出す……!

The main character of the story works as a physical education teacher at a private women's Academy. He is very unhappy - severely criticized by female teachers, and despised among high school students. He had a strange feeling that this life was not his, that he was living in the body of another person. Soon, he meets a student transferred from another Academy, Sayuki Mihara, and his suspicions are confirmed. The hero remembers that she was his first victim, whom he turned into a slave and in addition she was his relative. He remembered everything and returned his unique skill of "capturing the body", now he only wants revenge, a cruel wanton revenge on all those who mocked him...

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Directors: Watase Toshihiro