Kutsujoku 屈辱 ep2

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他人の身体を勝手にうごかすことのできる《人体掌握能力》を手に入れた高崎総一は、日ごろから自分を馬鹿にしてくる義理の妹、愛歌を調教していた。 身体の自由を奪い、凌虐の限りを尽くして愛歌が快楽に堕ちてゆく様子を楽しむ総一。 次のターゲットは教員の松浦杏樹。 放課後の教室に呼び出された杏樹は…!?

This hentai is an anime adaptation of the visual novel "Kutsujoku / humiliation" from the Studio Bishop, which was released in November 2017.

Action the plot unfolds in our days in Tokyo. The main character is an ordinary city guy from a poor family. Because of his father, he is forced to attend an elite Academy near his home. Due to the fact that in her study of the offspring of the rich and famous families, all looking at him with a high and often Express contempt. However, among this madness there are bright spots. One of them is Ayano-Chan, a modest smart pretty girl who immediately becomes his outlet in the sea of negativity. In it he finds his only friend. Soon, however, a terrible incident happens and the main character realizes that Ayano also always despised him, and her good attitude was only the usual pretense. The hero falls into despair and gets an incredible ability to "manipulate the body." He decides to take revenge on all his abusers and satisfy his sexual desires with this ability...


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Kutsujoku 屈辱 ep2


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