Kaede to Suzu ep1 SPA SUB

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Description: 楓と鈴 THE ANIMATION  

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Hentai anime "Kaede to Suzi The Animation" based on the manga of the same name by Kyockcho. 

Hentai tells about the sex adventures of the secretary at the student council Hayato and two twin sisters Kaede and Suzu.
"My sister Suzu is not a talkative person, so many people consider her to be "the most innocent." Oh, how wrong they are. One day she lured me into one of her crazy traps, and then Hayato-kun abused me. And then she made me wear adult toys when I was a maid at a school festival... As her older sister, I have an obligation to put an end to her stupid antics!"   


Kaede to Suzu ep1 SPA SUB   

Kaede to Suzu ep2 SPA SUB