Jashin Shoukan 邪娠娼館 ep2

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Description: OVA 邪娠娼館―淫乱巨乳母娘生贄儀式― / OVA Jashin Shoukan: Inran Kyonyuu Oyako Ikenie Gishiki / The Courtesan's Palace of Wicked Conception: A Busty Mother-Daughter Sacrificial Ritual  

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The main character of hentai Ichiro Tani loves hostess bars and spends the lion’s share of his salary on them. One day, he was so drunk that he spent all the money of the company he worked for on girls. Ichiro decided to escape to the mountains. His car broke down during a heavy snowstorm, and he was forced to walk blindly and seek help. He soon found salvation in the Ishikan Inn. There, Ichiro met the widowed mistress Ryuri Munakata, her daughter Nakoto, and the lovely maid Ren. He did not change his habits and decided at all costs to subdue these sexy beauties…   


Jashin Shoukan 邪娠娼館 ep1   

Jashin Shoukan 邪娠娼館 ep2
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Directors: Raika Ken T-Rex