Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa... ep2 RUS SUB

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Description: Девушка после летних каникул / 夏休み明けの彼女は…  

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ep1. История о мальчике-кинолюбителе, который плохо вписывается в общество, но его унылая и горькая жизнь меняется, когда Кана, симпатичная девушка, присоединяется к киноклубу. Они очень хорошо ладят и проводят много времени вместе. Главный герой предлагает ей создать вместе хорошие воспоминания этим летом...
ep2. После летних каникул главный герой замечает, что девушка, в которую он влюблен, больше не чистая и милая, а бесстыдная и извращенная гяру. Такая кардинальная перемена произошла благодаря школьному плейбою, который сексуально натренировал ее во время каникул. Когда Хадзимэ приходит в киноклуб, он обнаруживает, как его подруга вместе с Рэйдзи занимаются развратными играми...

Kanade Amakawa is bright, serious, has excellent grades, is innocent and pretty, and has fallen in love with Hajime Nishida, a member of the visual studies club. Summer has come… They both had the faint hope of being able to get close to each other and become a couple during these summer vacations… and they had to. But there is another man on the scene and he is a womanizer, he will get his hands on all the girls he likes, and when he gets tired of them, he will throw them away… Everything was going well until that man with such a bad reputation turned his attention towards her…
Kanade Amakawa was cheerful, serious, excellent in grades, neat and cute, and liked Nishida Hajime of the Imaging Research Department.
The season is summer —
the two of us had a faint hope of becoming a lover by shortening the distance during this summer vacation.
Well, I love women, I reach out to her favorite woman from one end of her, and throw it away when she gets tired … until that notorious man notices her.
Nishida, who should have promised the movie on the day, was not at the meeting place.
Instead, the figure of that man!
I had no choice but to watch the movie together.
Suddenly the man confessed when she was thrilled by the excitement of watching the movie.
Hanao, who has a passion for Nishida, grabs her shoulder and kisses her forcibly when she rushes to her reply.
Is this the beginning of a nightmare, or …
Nishida is surprised to see the flowers playing after the summer vacation. What the hell is this !?  


Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa... ep1 RUS SUB  

Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa... ep2 RUS SUB