Iinchou wa Saimin Appli wo Shinjiteru OVA

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Description: OVA Iinchou wa Saimin Appli o Shinjiteru.  /  OVA 委員長は催眠アプリを信じてる.  

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Kodera is an awkward guy in the class, he harbors his feelings towards the class president, Satsuki. One day he was hypnotized by his friend to confess his feeling to her, but his friend cancelled the hypnosis right in front of Satsuki. Satsuki already grasped the situation, then invited Kodera after to somewhere after class ends. Suddenly she take the iniative and shows the hypnosis app on her phone to Kodera, believing that the hypnotize would work. Kodera who realized her plans, decided to play along and pretends being hypnotized and letting her do anything to himself. To think his crush would believe in the hypnotic app.. but thanks to the app that their true feelings finally reached to each other.
Hentai’s action revolves around the main character Koderu. His overly compassionate friends decide to hypnotize him using an app on his phone so that he can confess his love to Satsuki, the president of the school board. However, just before the confession, hypnosis was canceled. Satsuki understands the idea of classmates and invites Kodera to the pantry of sports equipment. There she herself makes an attempt to hypnotize the hero, but fails, … 
Directors: Raika Ken T-Rex