#Ima made de Ichiban Yokatta Sex ep1 ENG SUB

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Description: #今までで一番良かったセックス THE ANIMATION  

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Hentai anime adaptation of the manga "#Imamadede Ichibanyokatta Sex" by Okayusan, who has long been known for his unique drawing style. There are currently two full episodes.

The protagonist of the first story got lost in the Demon King's castle and accidentally wandered into the secret room. There, he found a huge amount of sex toys and an incredibly beautiful demon girl, who turned out to be the real Demon Queen. The hero hesitates to kill her and instead performs a cleansing ritual on her through hard but slightly romantic sex.
In the second series, the action of the hentai revolves around a preoccupied Otaku-kun and his pretty gyaru girlfriend. Thanks to the lustful pressure of a slutty girl, the main character was finally able to lose his virginity... 

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