Mama×Holic ~魅惑のママと甘々カンケイ~ ep2

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Description: Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei The Animation  /  Mama×Holic ~魅惑のママと甘々カンケイ~ THE ANIMATION  

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Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei The Animation is a novelty from PinkPineapple studio and directed by Araki Hideki based on the first novel, "Love x Holic: Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei The Animation / Love and Passion: A Hot Relationship with a Charming Young Lady"was released.
From the first part, we know: By a mysterious coincidence, the main character of Hentai, Amano Taichi, became the objects of desire of all half-human girls. He must help to unlock the full potential of the girls Kuona, Suzu and Seira, having sex with them every day.
In the second part, another strange event happens and all the students of the academy lose consciousness. To save everyone, Amano must get an extremely rare artifact "Sacred Mother's Milk". To do this, he must copulate with the mothers of his classmates - Mai-san, Yashe-san and Sari-san, and in the culminating stage he must milk them thoroughly to extract milk...  

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