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Description: シャイニング・MAY    

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May's Hot Night / Synphony Yume Monogatari / Symphony Yume Monogatari / Little Mermaid Series  

Part of Little Mermaid Series along with Telepathist IQ Saiko, Punky Funky Baby and Suashi no Houkago.  

Also released in US by Blue Animation, but without subtitles and the censorship was not removed (what little there was of it as most scenes didn't display any genitalia).  

May Kanou is the coolest new idol around. Everybody seems to think May's got it made, but secretly, May struggles with overcoming past trauma...she caught her mother having an affair on the day of her father's funeral, and carries the burden of her mother's failed music career. But May has her longtime friend and lover Yuu by her side. Yuu's ready to help May overcome her fear of intimacy and get ready for the big stage!  

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Shining May MV ENG SUB    

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