Mako-chan Kaihatsu Nikki ep1 ENG SUB

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Description: まこちゃん開発日記   

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T-Rex Studio, together with Lune and director Raika Ken, announced the hentai anime adaptation of "OVA Mako-chan Kaihatsu Miki" based on the manga of the same name by Muchakai.  

The main character is a hentai girl named Makoto Himemiya - a student, an excellent student and a little pervert with a strong libido. The other day, Makoto confessed her love to her childhood friend Kaoru and kissed for the first time. After such an incredible and memorable event, our heroine decided to masturbate a little while watching the next fucking and reset the accumulated excitement. This daily process of arousal and masturbation was silently observed by her stepbrother. However, one day, when Makoto invited her boyfriend to visit, he decided to still intervene and quench the accumulated lust of his sister.  


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Directors: Raika Ken T-Rex