Real Eroge Situation! 2 リアルエロゲシチュエーション! 2 ep2

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溢れる妄想シチュエーションを “性癖日記というノートに書き溜めている主人公「瀬尾透」。
絶対に受け入れられないと思い込んでいた性癖を受け入れ、更に理解してくれるヒロインたちに囲まれてのいきなりの ハーレム状態!

Based on the erotic game by Jitaku Studio.  

The main character of hentai is an ordinary boy named Toru, who loves to keep his "erotic fantasy diary", in which he carefully collects the most depraved and lustful fantasies with his classmates. As is usually the case in cliched hentai-the hero forgets his diary in class, and then remembering this, immediately returns there to pick it up, but by an incredible coincidence, catches red - handed Otori chikage-a local celebrity and idol of the Academy, who wildly Masturbates on his "treasure"... It turned out that she was an insistent hentai mangaka, who became famous all over the world for her truly terrifying stories in terms of lust. However, she is currently experiencing a creative crisis and stagnation in the production of new works. Because of this, the deadline for the manga has moved sharply to the deadline. Otori begs Toru to help her write the manga, and in return, she will allow him to do everything with her that he described in his"erotic fantasy diary". From such an offer, our hero simply could not refuse, because in front of him was just a stunning beauty with incredible forms, ready to fulfill all his most depraved fantasies ...  

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Directors: Studio 1st Oota Hideta