Binetsukko ♭37℃ 微熱っ娘 ♭[フラット]37℃ ep2

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Description: 微熱っ娘 ♭[フラット]37℃ THE ANIMATION / Binetsukko flat 37 / Binetsukko b37℃


FEVER.2「お熱いのはいかが?」 犬彦と健児の二人によって、奴○(恋人?)にされてしまったむつみと日菜子。 今回の調教は、イケナイ玩具を付けたままでのランニング!  すっかりフラフラの二人だったが、さらにブルマのまま体育倉庫で特別レッスン!

Mutsumi Kagidou finds herself being blackmailed by a perverted student,
The blackmail material?
An embarrassing photo of her.
In order to get the photo back,
she becomes Inuhiko's sex slave and they have all kinds of debauched sex.
After a while though,
Mustumi tells Inuhiko to forget about the photo since she doesn't mind being his sex slave anymore.
And so,
relationship is formed between the two of them.


Binetsukko ♭37℃ 微熱っ娘 ♭[フラット]37℃ ep1

Binetsukko ♭37℃ 微熱っ娘 ♭[フラット]37℃ ep2