Bishoujo mangekyou -Kami ga tsukuritamouta shoujo-tachi-

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美少女万華鏡 -神が造りたもうた少女たち-

ここは、山間の鄙びた温泉旅館。 仕事で旅館を訪れたホラー作家の深見夏彦は、一人の不思議な美少女・蓮華に出会う。 蓮華は、深見に万華鏡を差し出す。 「これを覗いてみたい? 見てはいけない世界を覗いてみたい?」 さあ、万華鏡を覗いてごらん…… それは妖しく、美しい世界。 あなたの目に映るのは、美少女たちが織り成す、まばゆいばかりのひとときの快楽の光。 あなたはそれを、見つめる勇気がありますか?

It was an era unknown. Long after the prosperity of the human civilization - once the ruler of the Earth - had waned, more time passed still... Reminiscent of the edge of the world, there was a place, and in that place the tower stood tall. In the tower a scientist lived. He was alone. For humanity had bandoned this place, he desired company. Left behind by the civilization no more, it was their scientific knowledge that he had in his hands. By using their magic-like technology, he finally sets forth to create a maid robot...

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