Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night R ep2

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地球の海にやってきたG・ルナリアムご一行。 「特訓とは名ばかりのバカンス旅行!?」と思いきや月狼族族長『ヘカテリーナ』による地獄の合宿特訓だった…! なんとかヘカテリーナの弱点を調べようと動き出すカツマの前に『十五夜つきみ&まりあ』姉妹が現れる。 これまでの協力のご褒美が欲しいと、まりあはシャワー室の中で激しくそして淫らにカツマを求め甘酸っぱい経験をしてみたいつきみは、夕日に照らされながらカツマに身を任せていく。

The story takes place several years after the events of the first season. The main character of the story Kazuma-kun - an ordinary Japanese boy who hides an incredible power that can save all of humanity. He simply extracts magic power from women during their orgasms and uses it to subdue other girls and so on in a circle. Subjected to his power, the girls become dependent on Katsumi-kun and do not dare to resist his will. In the New OVA, the main character, in addition to conquering the next beauties, finally decides to deal with his bosses from silver Star...

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