Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 図書室ノ彼女~清楚ナ君ガ堕チルマデ~ ep1

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図書室ノ彼女~清楚ナ君ガ堕チルマデ~ THE ANIMATION / Toshoshitsu no Kanojo: Seiso na Kimi ga Ochiru made The Animation


優しさが仇となり用務員に襲われてしまう芹沢雪葉。 逃げ出そうとしても手足を押さえつけられてしまい、やがて用務員がいきり勃つナマ棒を大事なところに! 監禁状態のまま、用務員のザー汁を溢れんばかりにナカに注ぎ込まれ… 出されても出されても一向に終わる気配のないこの悪夢はいつまで続くのか!?

The main character of the hentai girl is the head of the student Council named Yukihara Serizawa. She is a real idol in the Academy. All teachers and students love and respect her. However, not all-a dirty, dissolute old janitor named Kito-San has long put his lustful eye on the young beauty. Soon, he devised an incredibly simple plan and lured Hikaru-Chan to his den. Then he talked her out of her mouth and gave her a sleeping pill that was mixed into the cocktail. When the girl was completely asleep, Kito-San shivered and took off his blouse, and then his bra, and found a huge elastic breast of the fifth size of the perfect shape with swollen papillae from excitement. Seeing such a depraved spectacle, our hero just flew off the rails...


Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 図書室ノ彼女~清楚ナ君ガ堕チルマデ~ ep1

Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 図書室ノ彼女~清楚ナ君ガ堕チルマデ~ ep2
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