Hajimete no Hitozuma 初めてのヒトヅマ ep2

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婚約者の友也の父はかつて何度も肉体関係を持ったことがある相手であった。 果南子は友也の父田河が過去のことを忘れてくれていることに期待をしていたがそれは甘い考えであった。 過去のことを秘密にすることを条件に果南子は田河に抱かれた。 そして田河は一度では満足せず再び果南子を求めてくる。 果南子は拒絶しようとするが過去に覚えさせられた快楽がそれを許さなかった。

Hentai anime adaptation manga "Hajimete no Hitozuma" from popular author Shinozuka Yuuji known as "330-goushitsu."

Tomoe and Kanako already held a couple, they have a great time with each other and recently passed their meeting with the parents of the girl. Now they have to meet with the father of the protagonist, who has long lost his wife and raised Tomoe alone. Kanako saw the father of the main character Makoto Tagawa immediately remembered where she met him — it was the College years when she traded sex escort and performed for decent money rather unseemly demands of their wealthy "folders". Tomoe's father was one of her regulars and fucked her in various poses more than ten times. Of course same Makoto evoked the prostitute "Kanu", precisely so was calling the she themselves when came on sex meeting in love hotel..


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