Succubus Stayed Life サキュバステードライフ ep1

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両親は単身赴任中で一人暮らしをしていた僕は…最近、同級生の自称サキュバスと同居している。 地味で愛想は悪いけど男子には人気の同級生、櫻待さん。 一度も話したことがなかったけど、委員会の打ち合わせを機に親しくなれたら…なんて思ってたら逆に襲われた!? 「私、サキュバスなの」って何の冗談!? しかもうちに住み着いた!! 朝から精液を搾り取られて疲労感がすごいのだけど、それ以上に気持ち良くて…。 朝は絡み付くような舌で、昼は校内でこっそり待ち合わせ、夜はベッドで連続射精──って、こんなに快感を与えられ続けたら俺の体はどうなっちゃうんだ!? えっちな櫻待さんとの過激な性活!

My name is Matsukawa. Since my parents often work away from home, I started living on my own. However, less than six months later, I began to live with my classmate Sakuramachi-San, who loudly declared that she was a real succubus. I've never even dared to speak to her before, and honestly, I've never seen her speak to anyone at all. It was very strange and unexpected. I led her to my room without the slightest suspicion. She seemed like a completely ordinary and unsociable girl, but at the same time she was incredibly popular with guys. "If I could get closer to her through this..." - I couldn't deny that I didn't have such thoughts. However, that night it was MENA who was attacked and raped into unconsciousness. Sakuramachi-San needs constant sperm absorption and moved in with me in search of a stable source of energy... 


Succubus Stayed Life サキュバステードライフ ep1  

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