Shikijou Kyoudan 色情教団 ep1

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Description: The Carnal Cult 

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ある日、ホームレスになってしまった男の前に謎の美女「伊月志摩」が現れ、『妃神の会』と呼ばれる新興宗教団体へ誘われた。 天涯孤独であり、明日の食事にも困っていた男は胡散臭く思いながらも、教祖として「孕石光雪」と名前を変え、『妃神の会』へ所属する。 最初に接触するのは吉野絢花。 夫とのセックスレスに悩んでいるというが…?

The protagonist of hentai is a middle-aged man who has lost his job and home because of his arrogant nature. Leading a vagrant lifestyle he became embittered and aggressive towards society. One day he meets a mysterious beauty Shima Itski, who invites him to become the founder of the sex cult "Ishin No Kai" and in addition to this, she offers him a huge amount of money, a house, and a car. Of course, our hero just could not refuse the sultry beauty and now he has become the "Lord" of a mad sex cult with unimaginably depraved rituals...  


Shikijou Kyoudan 色情教団 ep1   

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