Valkyrie Hazard ヴァルキリーハザード ep1

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ネイテ国の若い女たちが行方不明になるという事件が発生。 カイン王子の命令で討伐に赴いた女騎士団員たち。 しかし、仲間の裏切りに王宮騎士団長アリアや団員のジュリ達は罠に陥る。 襲い掛かる無数の触手が鍛えられた女達の身体を拘束しあらゆる穴に侵入していく…。

"Valkyrie Hazard" - hentai filmed on motives popular in Japan manga "HimeKishi Ryoujoku Valkyrie Hazard" for authorship Yuduki Kei. / By Studio Fancy Realize Media.

The action of the story takes place in the fantasy world of "Aria". The main character (the girl knight) investigates a complicated case on the mysterious disappearance of women throughout the city. The investigation led her into a terrible cave, where a terrible monster was rumored to live. As usual it happens-the rumors were true, and the main character was trapped by a monster. All the girls were at that hour and found they were all honorable knights of the Kingdom of Aria. Now the Main character and numerous girls are forced to endure the attacks of monsters with tentacles and take their sperm to find a way to escape...