Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo ep1

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Description: The squid geek maliciously sister / 陰湿オタクにイカれる妹[彼女]  

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水原沙希は義理の兄である修司と、プラトニックな恋人同士として幸せな日々を過ごしていた。 そんな日々を、一通のメールが打ち砕く。「ボクの恋人の沙希へ」―――意味不明な文章とともに送られてきたのは、沙希の着替えや自慰行為を盗撮した画像だった。 ストーカーと悟った沙希は、これ以上の脅迫を止めるために相手の指示する「デート」の場所へと赴くのだった…  

Shuji lives a peaceful life with his younger sister, Saki. But he secretly loves her and his libido gets uncontrollable day by day. One day, Saki tells him, "I love you.... I've been always thinking about you since I was a kid...." Like this, they become boyfriend/girlfriend. However, their happiness is destroyed by an email. "I know your everything...." The email attaches a photo of Saki changing clothes and masturbating. Saki thinks her stalker did it. The stalker gives her various immoral orders. She first tries to resist it, but she gradually gets addicted to it.... Well, will Shuji be able to save Saki...?  


Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo ep1    

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