Master Piece マスターピース The Animation ep1

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個性溢れるヒロイン達との甘く濃密な一時を―…。 【椿原ミラ】 双子の娘を持つ若すぎる未亡人。 最近の趣味は息子への色仕掛け。 肉食系だけどキスに弱い癒しママ。 【椿原由奈】 椿原姉妹の姉で癒し担当。 学園内にファンクラブができる程の人気者だが、 少々人見知り。 【椿原仁奈】 椿原姉妹の妹で社交的な委員長。 しっかり者だが恋愛事には奥手。 実は怖がりで可愛いものが大好き。  

My name is Tsubakihara Yuji and I am an ordinary Japanese student. For some reason, I have to live with two sexy blonde twins. I've been in love with him since childhood. Yuna is the eldest. Sometimes she goes with me on very... very close contact and not shy to kiss in public. That's probably because she's half American. She is shy of unfamiliar people and she has her own fan club where fans call her "unapproachable mountain flower" or something like that. Nina is a younger and more sociable sister. She has many friends and acquaintances and excellent results in sports and education. When my parents died, their family took me in. And so began my joint, rough sex life with two sexy titted twins...  


Master Piece マスターピース The Animation ep1    

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