Куча-мала / Junk Land The Animation RUS SUB

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Влюбленные парень и девушка отправляются sex shop. Девушка восторге от эротического белья и прикупила парочку, ну и сними некотрые игрушки для забавы. Короче, наскучило нашей милашке в девках ходит и ... 

Based on the erotic manga by Shimimaru.

Not a good deal of mediocre romantic story of a few teenagers, why commonplace? Basically, the 1st considered that may occur if you watch hentai is our heroes are brother and sister, they are painfully similar together out. The 1st look is deceiving and i also just failed to exclude hasty conclusions. In fact it is a couple, who clearly just isn't enough spark in a relationship. What do you want to change it they see a sex shop is when they're ...