Dragon Knight ドラゴンナイト OVA

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Magic swords, damsels in distress... and an instant camera? It's cold steel and hot babes as our morally impaired young knight must rescue multiple damsels in distress imprisoned in an enchanted castle by an army of demons. Pausing only for a quick click of his trusy camera's shutter, the young lasses struggle to cover their lithesome charms. Yea, the shining spirit of chivalry has never been so disgraced as by this knave in his ebdless search for fast gold and faster women. Yet, is it possible to believe that even this rogue, this pillar of impropriety, might still discover the true meaning of the word "love," risking all his ill-gotten gains to save the life of the one woman who has become his friend? the tale will be told (and even more tails exposed) in this sizzling sex, sword, and sorcery romp, based on the adult video game that took Japan by storm!

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