Wagaya no Liliana-san 我が家のリリアナさん ep1

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我が家のリリアナさん / Waga Ie no Liliana-san / Liliana-san of My House

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平凡な日常を送っていた主人公・達也は、友人と遊んだ帰り道に、 エキゾチックな雰囲気を纏う褐色美女・リリアナさんに出会う。 捨てられたマットレスの上、行き倒れていた彼女を放っておくことが出来ず、 とりあえずの間は家に居てもらおうと不思議な同棲生活がスタートするのだが、 どこか無防備なリリアナさんにドキドキさせられるばかりで…!? そして一緒に過ごす日々の中、優しく接してくれる達也に対し、 リリアナさんは “お礼” をしたいと思い始め…。

Last year, I found something amazing! I found a delightful beauty! Her name is Liliana-San-I found and saved her when she was on her deathbed and lying helpless on the edge of the road. She had nowhere to go and so she now lives with me... Liliana-San is a young black beauty with huge juicy Tits and elastic, like a peach booty. She has a very strong attachment to me as her Savior... Liliana-San feels that she owes me for her salvation and the only thing she can do for me is to please my cock with her huge Tits. Of course after this it is difficult to restrain ourselves - we have passionate sex and I end up in it at least seven times a night...
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