Reijoku no Yakata ep2 DE SUB

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Description: House Of Five Lusts  

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Shun is an orphan working at a mansion owned by a noble family of five voluptuous, wealthy sisters. In order to get his hands on the fortune, Shun will have to insert himself into the family's politics and all five sisters! But it seems like these virtuous high-class women are all out of his league. Then Shun learns the secret desires of Kagome, the second sister and a well-known novelist. With her body and help, Shun is ready to drive down his fleshy road to riches. © Kitty Media

Based on a game by CLOCKUP.  


Reijoku no Yakata ep1 DE SUB  

Reijoku no Yakata ep2 DE SUB
Directors: Y.O.U.C. Kitty Media