Gakuen Sodom / 学園ソドム ep2

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Description: Professor Pain  

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夏休みが近い、けだるい午後の授業。 化学教室で突如、爆音が聞こえる。騒然となる生徒を後目に、一人にやつく化学教師・黄瀬。 爆弾のスイッチを片手に生徒たちを監禁して、女生徒たちにありとあらゆる辱めを与えてゆく。その行為が次第にエスカレートしていく…。  

The students of Aoi College, who are all 19 by the way, have always suspected that Professor Ohse might be some sort of pervert or cretin, but no one could have guessed how depraved he really is. As it turns out, he's really a terrorist who decides to hold the entire campus hostage, and make all of its comely young lasses submit to his desire for torture and depravity.   


Gakuen Sodom / 学園ソドム ep1   

Gakuen Sodom / 学園ソドム ep2
Directors: Green Bunny