Sei Brunehilde RUS SUB

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Description: 聖ブリュンヒルデ学園 少女騎士団と純白のパンティ THE ANIMATION / Sei Brunehilde Gakuen Shoujo Kishidan to Junpaku no Panty The Animation  

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В школе проводится турнир Рыцарей. "Король" является символом фестиваля, он определяется путем голосования."  

Games of knights who wore armor "Armor armed battle" it is performed in a prosperous school, the king and the knight are campus festival "MWF (Middle war festival)". Win having been previously promised, dance in (Dress) dance party that becomes festival at night forgiven only to king and knights pairs School regulations addition privilege. Girls that everything is elegant "Girl knight", the fight over me! By the dormitory life that a man is alone in girls only, a campus life only not elegant starts!!?
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