Gakuen no Ikenie ENG SUB

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Gakuen no Ikenie: Nagusami Mono to Kashita Kyonyuu Furyou Shoujo / 学園の生贄 慰み者と化した巨乳不良少女 / 学園の生贄――慰み者と化した巨乳不良少女~白濁に侵される褐色&堕肉の狂宴~ THE ANIMATION


Based on the adult game by Erectlip.

Under the basket of God, correction - Gakuen to do Torture named education. Sacrifice of saint-Mali, saved the predicament by transfer student, Shoko, foster unilateral friendship (?) To myself cuteness. Traitor to the school - engraved branded as bad, heroine who receive a variety of humiliation. One day, bishop to oversee the school was to tell Mali. The failure of Shoko is condemned, if was not sworn faith, surely salvation would be Atae-raru.