Okusama no Kaifuku Jutsu 奥さまの回復術

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Description: Okusama no Kaifukujutsu The Animation / 奥さまの回復術 THE ANIMATION  

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Shion, who did not develop magical power even after becoming an adult, was entrusted to a young couple engaged in magic research for treatment. After a certain incident, his magical power finally manifested, but he couldn't control it, so Rui, a healer, decided to take care of him again. However, in order to be able to handle magic as a full-fledged person, it was necessary to become an adult in a sexual sense. Her married wife, Rui, cannot let Shion graduate from being a virgin, so she will proceed with the preparations on the condition that she can do it, but...
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Directors: PinkPineapple Seven