Koumi-jima 子産み島 ep1

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Koumi-jima: Shuu 7 de Umeru Mesu-tachi  /  子産み島 ~週7で産めるメスたち~  /  Koumijima: Females Who Can Give Birth Seven Days a Week  /  Childbirth island ~Seven week pregnancies~  

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Seiichi feels dissatisfied in his regular existence as a teacher with a hidden gift. He is invited to assist with a special issue they are facing by the chief of the isolated island of Ushihi Island. They need an outsider’s DNA to maintain their population because the island’s gene pool is isolated. The island’s women have developed to give birth a week after conception, and they take tremendous pleasure in winning over a guy and having offspring. To assist the island’s population remain stable, Seiichi is tasked with impregnating every woman.
Konomi Tachibana, a vivacious and sexy island girl who works at a guest home, makes her debut in the opening episode. She shows interest in Seiichi, who has arrived on the island, and is ready to carry out her responsibilities as a woman. Konomi believes Seiichi would see her attractiveness since she is aware of it. She wants to have at least five kids and has a carefree personality. Konomi becomes increasingly enamored with Seiichi while he is staying at the guest home, and she starts to act out when thinking about him.  


Koumi-jima 子産み島 ep1   

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