Shachiku: Kuruma no Naka de Kattemasu

Duration: 29:12 Views: 24K Submitted: 4 months ago Year: 2001 Submitted by:
Description: 車畜[しゃちく]~車の中で飼ってます~  

Based on the game by Arkham Products.  

Mika inadvertently knocks to death a woman crossing the road in the wrong place. Soon the woman dies, and Mika becomes the object of revenge widowed husband who decides to punish the offender in the name of justice, and not to leave the case to the local police. He sells his apartment and buys a big truck, then puts it in a prison cell and is hung with video cameras. After that, he kidnaps Mika and forces her to work out his guilt in front of him and his wife.
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