JS kara JK made imouto ni 200man ijou mitsuida aniki

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Description: JSからJKまで妹に200万以上みついだ兄貴 / The elder brother who paid a tribute to Younger Sister more than 2 million from JS to JK   

One day smartphone of Younger Sister, the Suzuna which peeped out Older brother, Kunihiko who cannot hide surprise in a written sentence The Nan and the Younger Sister were going to cost pocket money income in Enkousai with a friend! Must not let cute Younger Sister do such a thing! Older brother to teach danger of the Enkousai desperately, and to be with Nan, or to prevent Do not get the pocket money if I do not do it En ○ But become great if I do it En ○ And Younger Sister, the Suzuna speaks of terrible suggestion "Then give me a small errand because I have sex with an older brother!" The Younger Sister cannot yet return to Incest, normal relations in ○ Student, Sara Still if the spear Japanese spaniel man not to know jeopardizes it I do it Younger Sister and En ○! In that way Brother En ○ life for 7 years began…