A remote control she 2 yankee daughter

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A remote control she 2 yankee daughter and the female teacher / A remote control she 2 yankee daughter and woman religion / リモートコントロール彼女2 ヤンキー娘と女教師 

リモートコントロール彼女2 ヤンキー娘と女教師」は 全編アニメーションのデジタルノベルで、クリックして先に進む動画作品です。 とある研究所に勤める科学者綾鶴。 彼は人間の脳波を操り自在に体の動きを操る、特殊なコントローラーを開発した。 世紀の大発明と思われていたが、彼は自分の欲望のままにそのコントローラーを使うのだった… 

"A remote control she 2 Yankee daughter and the Female Teacher" Be the Video Items which clicks it in Digital Novel of the Whole Volume nimation, and advances earlier. The scientist Aya Kaku which works for the certain research institute. Developed the special controller which he handled human brain waves, and handled the movement of the body freely. Seemed to be the great invention of the century, but he used the controller of the So on one's greed… Can enjoy the H scene in All freehand drawing Animation. Girls, please enjoy the state that the body including Creampie and the buccal ejaculation is polluted in Audio Included. The depending run-around scene prepares so that popular a large number of men are similar before. 

The appearance of the voice: Daisen Chiroru
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