Kaa-chan no Tomodachi ni Shikotteru... ep1

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Kaa-chan no Tomodachi ni Shikotteru Tokoro Mirareta. The Animation / 母ちゃんの友達にシコってるところ見られた. THE ANIMATION

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マンションの隣室に住んでいる母ちゃんの友達は、 元ヤンで元黒ギャルで爆乳で爆尻で未亡人で良い匂いがして子供のころから面倒を見てくれて勝ち気だけど女っぽいところもあって欲求不満のドスケベボディの持ち主で小さなころから憧れの女性で ──そんな人にオナニーを見られてからの、童貞卒業筆おろしヤリまくりハメまくり夏休み期間限定セクフレライフのはじまりはじまり~~!

Naoki Shinoda-the main character of hentai. He does all the housework and cooks for his single mother, Arisa Shinoda. Naoki's parents divorced when he was still a child. My father cheated on Arisa, and She never forgave him. With alimony, Naoki's mother bought a new apartment next door to her childhood friend Shiori Nishimura. They lost touch with each other during school life. But now they are close again and share snotty memories with each other. Once Arisa decides to go on a big trip, Naoki sets the table and they celebrate her departure together with Shiori. During the feast, Arisa asks her best friend to take care of her favorite son. Soon Shiori finds Naoki masturbating while watching porn. She hadn't had sex in almost ten years. So she decided to train Naoki a little and at the same time satisfy her sexual appetites.