Miko kami-sama - 巫女神さま -The Motion Anime-

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夏休みも目前に迫った日のこと、小依は退魔師の母親に本堂に呼び出され、 ある村から受けた妖怪退治の依頼を修行の一環として小依が受けるよう言い渡される。 友達と過ごす数多の夏休みイベントを全て奪われ、渋々依頼を出した村へと向かった。 「緑がいっぱいで~とてものどかで良い所らしいわよ~」 そんな母親の一言を信じて… 科学と理論、法と秩序が進んだ時代、神様や妖怪は神話や伝承、はたまた御伽話やオカルトとして扱われていた。 しかし、世には裏で暗躍する悪い妖怪達が蔓延り、人の世の生活を日々脅かしている。 そんな悪い妖怪達を退治する人を“退魔師”と呼んだ。

On the day when summer vacation was just around the corner, Koyori was called to the main hall by his mother. Koyori is told to receive a request to exterminate youkai from a village as part of his training. After being robbed of all the many summer vacation events I spend with my friends, I headed to the village where I reluctantly requested. "It's full of green-it seems to be a very peaceful and nice place" Believe in a word from such a mother ... In an era of advanced science and theory, law and order, gods and youkai were treated as myths and folklore, or as fairy tales and occults. However, bad youkai who are dying behind the scenes are spreading in the world, threatening the lives of people every day. The person who exterminates such bad youkai was called a "devil master".