Шантаж 2/ Kyouhaku II ep2 RUS SUB

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脅迫II[セカンド] ~もうひとつの明日~ THE ANIMATION / Kyouhaku II: Mou Hitotsu no Ashita - The Animation / Blackmail 2: The Animation / Kyouhaku II (Second): Mou Hitotsu no Ashita The Animation

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Главная героиня хентая Аска устала от свадебного переполоха и заготовленная поездка в медовый месяц вместе с её парнем Рёске-куном стала для неё отдушиной. Однако по пути на заветный курорт нашу героиню похищают и отвозят в странное место, где в умах людей царствует разврат и похоть...

Asuka and Ryosuke have decided to get married before graduating high school. However, upon arriving at the hotel to plan their honeymoon, Asuka is suddenly kidnapped by a group of strange men. Brought to a secluded parking lot while unconscious, she is repeatedly violated. Her kidnappers reveal themselves to be members of a sexual slavery ring that abducts young women to star in sadistic pornographic films. And when her mother and little sister soon suffer the same fate, Asuka realizes she might not have been a random target after all.

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