Mofukuzuma 喪服妻 ep1

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Mourning wife / Mofuku Tsuma



兄の財産目的で保奈美が結婚したと信じて疑わない加代子の責めは、連日激しくなる一方だった。 義理の息子・学のペニスが深々と保奈美の性器に突き刺さる。 それでもまだ保奈美に対する怒りが収まらない極太のペニスバンドを保奈美のアナルへとあてがった! 「許して! そこはダメ!」 保奈美の両穴を激しく侵食する淫根に犯され、支配され、調教されていく… ハネムーン中に急死した亡夫・聡史の言葉が脳裏をよぎる。 「幸せな家庭を築こう…」 肉奴○と化した保奈美には遠い過去の記憶のように感じられた…

Honami's husband, an older man named Satoshi, died in their honeymoon. Honami's dream for a happy family with him is crushed but that's not all the trouble she has to face. Satoshi's sister, Kayoko, sees Honami as responsible for his death and believes that she killed him so she can inherit his fortune. Now she plans on taking revenge and driving Honami away. Manabu, who was raised by Kayoko now finds himself pushed to help her on her revenge but Honami is still dedicated on fulfilling Satoshi's family dream with what is left from his family even if she has to take Kayoko's hate.

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