Harami kami to tsukareta mei 孕み神と憑かれた姪

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Niece The Motion Anime which became pregnant, and was possessed with God / 孕み神と憑かれた姪 The Motion Anime

とある事情で引き取ることになった姪の様子が徐々に可笑しくなる 原因はこの地に棲む’孕み神’の仕業で――― 取り憑かれると孕むまで離れない’孕み神’から姪を救うため、青年は決断する―――

The state of the niece who would leave it by certain circumstances becomes gradually funny By an act of 'pregnancy God' that the cause lives in this ground――― The young man decides it to save a niece from 'pregnancy God' which does not leave it until I become pregnant when fascinated―――
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