Haritsuke 磔 ep2

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磔(ハリツケ) / The Crucifixion

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名門私立校女教師・三枝美穂は、不純異性交遊を咎めたことによる逆恨みから件の生徒達に辱めを受けることとなった前編…。 理科室の机に手錠で自由を奪われ体液を浴びた学園の美人教師を見回りの警備員が見つけるところから後編は始まる。 団塊世代の男性警備員の微に入り細を穿った女の扱いにより小娘としていいように嬲られ絶頂すら晒す普段からは想像もできない生活指導の美穂を目の当たりにした生徒達は、本能の赴くまま得意顔で首謀者みちるの恋人雄大の実家、産婦人科へ舞台を移す…。 軋む分娩台で手を替え品を替え蹂躙された美人女教師の禁忌の告白があなたを磔ににする…!! 原作「砂時計」より第四話~第六話(最終話) 収録

Miho Saegusa, the beautiful daughter of a tea ceremony master, is currently teaching at a prestigious school. Miho, who is well respected by the students, gets engaged to Okazaki, the son of a school board member and a colleague. One of her students, Michiru Tayama, who knows about it, schemes to humiliate Miho because she was suspended from school for having a sexual relationship with her boyfriend. Michiru sets up Miho's fiancé Okazaki and takes advantage of Miho by blackmailing her. The female teacher who is bewildered by the clumsy and unacceptable conditions, has no choice but to comply. Miho's true nature is exposed under the reality of her lewdness and madness...


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Haritsuke 磔 ep2

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