Hime-sama Love Life! 姫様LOVEライフ ep3

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まもなく一時的な帰国の途につくルリアには、八尋との思い出を作ることが最優先事項であった…… 好きな人と好きなことをしたいと八尋に聞いたばかりに、彼女は好きな人の部屋で素っ裸で立たされていた…… 「こ、こんな姿で……八尋様の前に立つなんて……わたくし、もぅ……」 恥ずかしさの極地であるルリアは無防備な肢体を必死に隠そうとしているものの、八尋の無情な舌先は姫穴である窄みを突いてくるのであった…… 「い、いけません、八尋様っ、ソコはっ……」 自分でも触れたことのない隠しモノに舌を這わされる羞恥に、姫様の体は……熱く火照るのであった……

Due to his father's new job, Yahiro-kun was forced to move with his sister IO-Chan to a new apartment. They quickly adapted to the new home and began to get used to independent life. However, shortly after enrolling in the Academy of Ahira noticed a strange large truck outside his home. Things IO-Chan have long arrived and he began to wonder what was going on. Having risen to the top on ladder and in fear, that in unlocked room can be the robber, Yahiro became on the sly open the door. There he met a half-naked girl dressed only in underwear, zealously pushing a heavy piano. Seeing our hero, the girl screamed and forced him to leave. A little later she dressed in a beautiful dress and came out to say Hello. Her name was Ruria Fondina and she was a Princess of one of the island States. The girl came to live with our hero. Soon other "princesses"began to appear at Yahiro's door...


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