Shigokare しごカレ ep1

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しごカレ ~エッチな女子大生とドキx2ラブレッスン!! THE ANIMATION / Shigokare: Ecchi na Joshi Daisei to Doki x2 Love Lesson!! The Animation


不治の病に掛かるも、奇跡的に回復した主人公(周防秋良)は病気の影響で心身機能が著しく低下してしまう。 そんなさなか、通っている学園から復学試験の通告が…… もし、結果が不合格なら即刻退学!? 担当医の協力で試験合格の為の家庭教師を紹介されるが、なんと全員女子大生! しかも、彼女達のいる寮や女子大での授業を通して、様々なエロハプニングが巻き起こり―― !? 女子大生とのエッチな個人レッスン&寮生活が始まる。

The protagonist of the story Suou Akira young Japanese boy who miraculously recovers from an incurable disease. However, he is still very weak and has not fully recovered, so he has a very reduced mental and physical ability. At this time, his Academy introduces an unexpectedly difficult exam, which Suow will never be able to pass and it threatens him with expulsion. On the advice of his doctor, the guy goes to the local women's hostel to get acquainted with private Tutors. The girls see Suou as "potential" and force him to stay in their Dorm. And so begins a truly debauched adventures of our hero!