Yakin Byoutou San ep2 ENG SUB

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Night Shift Nurses - Experiment / 夜勤病棟・参 / Night Shift Nurses 3 / Yakin Byoutou 3 / NSN 3 / Yakin Byoutou Kranke Kodama Ai

ENG DUB https://www.onlyhentaistuff.com/videos/7170/yakin-byoutou-san-ep2-eng-dub/

JP https://www.onlyhentaistuff.com/videos/7164/yakin-byoutou-san-ep2/

RUS DUB https://www.onlyhentaistuff.com/videos/7161/yakin-byoutou-san-ep2-rus-dub/

Sora was lying in front of a hospital. He was seriously injured, and when he was about to die, a nurse, Yamami Yu, helped him. He was sent into an emergency ward, and he met a beautiful woman, Mikage Reika. She was a director of the hospital, and she asked him to become a test subject. Because he didn't have any relatives, he accepted it. Then, Yagami Yu was supposed to take care of him. Since that day, his fate had changed a lot.

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