Treachery of Corneo: The Movie コルネオの野望・動画版

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潜入任務の過程で、娼婦志望の女を装い コルネオの風俗面接を受ける事になったティファ。 しかし面接を建前にしたコルネオの淫靡な責めは ティファを悦楽と恥辱の坩堝へとじわじわと引きずり込んでゆく。 ネチネチとしたコルネオの焦らし責めに 恥らい迷って腰を振り、裏切り喘ぎ堕ちるティファ―― それら全てをフルアニメーション・フルボイスで表現しました。

The Movie SPOON's bestselling animation novel (RE121103) is now adapted for easy smartphone / tablet (and of course PC) viewing! The movie content is THE SAME, however: The scenario has been completely revised and brushed up. (Cloud's part has been removed; overall pace has been improved) All scenes with Tifa's monologue have been altered. Voice acting has been completely re-recorded.