Kanojo ga chara otoko ni netorarete ochiru made

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Until she is cut out by a frivolous man, and fall; The Motion Anime / 彼女がチャラ男に寝取られて堕ちるまで The Motion Anime

彼女と幸せな日々を送る主人公。 テニス部に所属する彼女は部活仲間の親友に誘われOBの先輩達とテニスの合宿に行くことに。 いつものように何気ない会話をしながらの帰り道 それがまさか彼女を見た最後になるなんて…… ちょっと怖そうだけど話してみると優しい先輩、そして仲のいい親友 彼女は初日の親睦会でこの合宿が楽しいものになると期待に胸を膨らませていた。 しかしその期待は突然裏切られる。 お酒に媚〇を仕込まれ、知らず知らずのうちに先輩達の策略に堕ちていく。 目を覚ました時、そこに待ち受けるのは絶望に満ちた合宿生活だった……

She and the main character who spends happy days. In the Koto which she who belongs to the tennis club is invited to the close friend of the club activities companion, and goes for a camp of seniors and the tennis of the alumnus. Way back while I talk casual as always That it is the last when indeed it looked at her…… The senior who is gentle when I talk though I seem to be slightly scared and close close friend If this camp became fun, she was able to be swelled with expectation at an opening party. However, the expectation of the So is disappointed suddenly. Blandishments 0 is fitted with liquor, and fall in the stratagem of seniors while I do not know it without knowing it. When it woke up, it was camp life filled with despair to wait there……
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