Toriko - Yukino senior of the chijoku is my yes-man

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恥辱の虜 ~幸乃先輩は僕のいいなり~ The Motion Anime

【誰からも慕われる優等生が、隠された性癖で……】 ひょんなことから、優等生「綾崎幸乃」の弱みを握った主人公は あんなことやこんなことを命令し放題! 最初はちょっとした悪戯のつもりだったが嫌がり恥じる素振りを 見せながらも、幸乃の乳首は硬く勃起し秘部はじっとりと濡れ 始めていた…。完璧な優等生の隠れた性癖が徐々に露わにされていく。 「こんなの恥ずかしいだけなのに…なんだか、身体が火照ってくるの… あぁ…皆が私のアソコを見てる…私…視線で感じちゃう…っ!」

◇あらすじ 学園生徒の憧れの的 誰からも慕われる副生徒会長 綾崎幸乃(あやさき ゆきの) 誰からも慕われる優等生である彼女には隠された性癖があった…。 幼馴染の後輩(主人公)が自分の写真を使い体育館裏でこっそり自慰をしている 現場を覗いてしまい「もう死にたいと」落ち込む後輩に、自分も恥を晒せば、 お相子と下着を見せる約束をする… いつの間にかどんどん付け入られ、しまいには自ら広げたアソコまで写真に 撮られてしまう。写真をネタにされ幸乃のいいなり生活が始まる。

[with the propensity that an honor student loved from anyone was covered……] The main character who clenched weakness of honor student "ayasakiko*" by an unexpected coincidence Be free to give it an order to start such a thing and such a thing! At first, the slight behavior to have intended to go into mischief, but to hate it, and to be ashamed of The nipples of the Yukino erect firmly, and the Hi part gets wet damply while showing it Began it…. The secret propensity of the perfect honor student is gradually done openly. "This is only shameful…A body somewhat flushes… Oh…Everybody looks at my there…I…Find it in eyes…tsu!"

◇Outline fukuseitokaichoayasakiko* (A and Saki Yukino) which is loved from the object of adoration anyone of the Campus student She who was an honor student loved from anyone had a hidden propensity…. The younger student (main character) of the childhood friend masturbates in gymnasium Ura using one's photograph in secret If oneself exposes Chi to the younger student who looks in the spot, and is depressed when "want to already die", too, Promise to show a draw and underwear… To there that enlarged by oneself to be taken advantage steadily all too soon, and not to do it in a photograph Is taken. A photograph is made the material; yes-man life of the Yukino is beginning Marumaru

◇Heroine ayasakiko* (A and Saki Yukino) A voice actor. Kioroshi Yaya (the Yaya which came, and expanded) Big Tits. Black Hair, plaits. The vice-president of the student council who is loved from the object of adoration anyone of the Campus student. ◇Main character In childhood friends of a heroine, the Yukino, be younger students. Be ardently in love with Yukino.