Okusama wa Mahoutsukai 奥様は魔法使い ep2

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Enspelled / Okusama wa Mahou Tsukai / Oku-sama wa Mahou Tsukai

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お母さん!魔法で男を奪い合ってどうするつもり? 罰谷さんを夢の世界に導くために、強力な魔法を使ってしまい、自分の存在を隠す結界を破ってしまったアナスタシア。 そして、アナスタシアの居場所を知った母・アーニャは、アナスタシアの夫・玄陽に有無を言わせず責めまくり。これぞ魔女の親子丼。そして、アナスタシアと玄陽の出会いが明らかになって行く…。

Anastasia was a witch who wanted to give up her powers and live a normal life on Earth. She married Genyo, and they started a normal, happy suburban life together. Of course, Anastasia sometimes can't resist using her magic to help her get through the trials and tribulations of everyday life, and her powerful mother is still a bad witch. But what this really means for Anastasia is that she needs to channel her sperm-powered sex magic to fight off her psychotic lesbian mother and her army of crazed sex slaves and demons!


Okusama wa Mahoutsukai 奥様は魔法使い ep1


Okusama wa Mahoutsukai 奥様は魔法使い ep2

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