Школа гипноза Saimin Gakuen 2018 ep3 RUS SUB

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Saimin☆Gakuen / 催眠☆学園

ENG SUB https://www.onlyhentaistuff.com/videos/5937/saimin-gakuen-2018-ep3-eng-sub/

JP https://www.onlyhentaistuff.com/videos/5798/saimin-gakuen-2018-ep3/

Хентай на тему гипноза различных сексуальных школьниц со стороны одноклассника при помощи волшебного гипногаджета.

Saimin Gakuen has joined the herd in utilizing the worn-out concept of a protagonist possessing a mind-controlling smartphone app, the ero-anime naturally featuring a horde of girls doing the protagonist’s sexual bidding but potentially being original with its implementation of a “sudden pregnancy”.


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