Soikano Gyutto Dakishimete ep1

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添いカノ~ぎゅっと抱きしめて~ THE ANIMATION



主人公には些細な悩みがある。 近頃、「落ちる夢」を見ること。 毎日続くうちに、慢性的な寝不足に陥った主人公は、昼休みを「昼寝の時間」と定め、 寝心地のよい場所を求めて学園中を散策する毎日を送っていた。 ある日、はじめて訪れた屋上温室で昼寝をした主人公が目を覚ますと、 見知らぬ女の子・熊倉夜明(くまくら・よあけ)が隣に寄り添って眠っていた。 「うわあ!? なんで!?」 「ん……ここ、わたしの、指定席」 彼女は<不登校>の問題児だった。 学園には通学しているのに、教室に顔を出すことはない。 なぜ彼女は教室に現れないのか。 主人公は、毎日の「お昼寝」をともにすることで、彼女の秘密を知っていくことになる。

In the last time Cowie (Kazuya kohey) became, had a dream about one and the same dream, where he fell with huge heights. Because of this disease, the hero began to suffer from chronic insomnia and every day began to fall asleep right in the lectures. One day, Cowie decided to take a NAP during the lunch break and went to the local greenhouse. There he quickly found nice place and dozed off. After a while, Cowie was woken up by an unfamiliar, but very beautiful girl with the words - " Listen! This is my place to sleep!" Her name was Yoko and he never met her, even though they were in the same group for several years. It turned out that the girl has not been attending school for a long time because of her sleeping sickness, but often comes to this greenhouse to sleep. Is his dream connected with this girl? He must have seen her somewhere...
Directors: Seven PinkPineapple