Enkou JK Bitch Gyaru Oji-san... ep2 ENG SUB

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エンコ―J●ビッチギャル オジサンとなまパコ性活 / Enkou JK Bitch Gyaru Oji-san to Nama Pako Seikatsu / Enkou JK Bitch Gyaru: Oji-san to Nama Pako Seikatsu

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The main character is an ordinary young bachelor over thirty, which is a normal unremarkable life. Once, walking late at night, he wandered into one of the alleys and there came upon a strange structure. Inside it was waiting for two girlfriends-the student of Haru - AMI blond and Dark-haired Nana is incredibly seductive bodies. For a certain amount of money they are willing to fulfill his every sexual desire... AMI or Itano Atsumi Is a Bright friendly person who loves to wear bright or even elaborate things inherent Garu. It is very popular among their peers and not enough pretty clever and smart and very athletic. But more than anything she loves sex and the rustle of banknotes. Maybe that's why she became a prostitute. Nan or Nan Celis is a Very nice and serious girl. Because of its elegant appearance and hairstyle with long straight dark hair, she is perceived as a girl from high society and noble blood. However, it is only in appearance, but inside she's a sex-starved pervert. Nana loves sex on the couch, deep kissing passionately, and of course do their clients a Blowjob without a condom.


Enkou JK Bitch Gyaru Oji-san... ep1 ENG SUB


Enkou JK Bitch Gyaru Oji-san... ep2 ENG SUB

Directors: T-Rex Raika Ken