Kagirohi: Shaku Kei - Another ep4

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かぎろひ~勺景~ Another

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山あいの小さな集落。 ひなびた村の古い校舎で、少女の首吊り死体が発見される。 少女の名前は“桐島楓(きりしまかえで)”。 彼女は事件前、幼馴染みの“小鳥遊葵(たかなしあおい)”に自らの想いを打ち明けていた。 葵の記憶に残る、彼女の拗ねた顔、笑い声、重なり合った行為の余韻。 葵の脳裏をよぎる、ある疑念。 楓が何者かに殺されたことを確信した葵は、行動に移す。 ある日、葵は教室内で孤立していた謎の転校生 “水無月紫陽花(みなづきあじさい)”に呼び出される。 紫陽花「来て…あたしに興味があるんでしょ?」 紫陽花は薄ら笑いを浮かべ、 楓が抱えていた心の闇、病んでいた過去の事を語り始める。 葵の鼻先に迫る、紫陽花の病的なまでに白く、美しい肌。 葵の硬く強張った体では、紫陽花の艶かしい行為に抗えない。 紫陽花「あたしは何も知らないわ。……直接身体に聞いてみる?」

A small settlement of mountains. A girl 's hanging corpse is found in an old school building in a living village. The girl 's name is "Kirishima Kaede (Kari Toshima Kaede)". Before the incident, she had confided herself to her childhood friend "Kozue Aoi (Takanaashi Aoi)". The remnant of Aoi, her reluctant face, laughter, lingering of overlapping acts. A doubt over the Aoi 's mind. Aoi, who was convinced that Kaede was killed by someone, will move to action. One day, Aoi was a mysterious transfer student who was isolated in the classroom It is called "Minazuki Hydrangea". Hydrangea "Come ... you are interested in me, do not you?" Hydrangea has a faint laugh, The darkness of the heart which Kaede had, begins to talk about the past that was sick. It approaches the nose of Aoi, it is white and beautiful skin until hydrangea's pathological. In Aoi 's hard and stiff body, it can not resist the glittering action of hydrangea. Hydrangea "I do not know anything. ... Would you like to ask the body directly?"


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